The Penang India Badminton Association Hall was recently opened at Taman Bagan, Butterworth. The event was attended by many important political and social figures as well as enthusiastic local residents of Butterworth. Many believe that this facility is a great step towards creating future sportsmen while also giving young people more discipline in their lives.

Penang Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow graciously inaugurated the event. Along with him, the Deputy Chief Minister of Penang, Prof. Dr. Ramasamy Palanisamy, and Satish Muniandy a member of the Bagan Dalam Legislative Assembly, Tan Sri Ramesh, and Dato Seri Pulaventhiran, had all attended the significant event. Many other important personalities graced the inauguration to show their commitment to uplifting young people in the field of sports.

The building started its construction in August 2022 and, in a mere 10-month period, had completed its work. It took nearly RM2 million to construct this wonderfully facilitated badminton hall. The Chief Minister even stated that this badminton hall will be of use to all residents of the area and hopes that in the next 15 years, internationally renowned players will emerge from this very facility.

“It is one of the best badminton halls constructed in Penang State,”, says Durairaj, head of the Penang Indian Badminton Association. He also expressed an immense amount of gratitude for the support that was given to the construction of the building from the chief minister, deputy chief minister, and legislative assembly members. Furthermore, Durairaj extends his gratitude for the funds that were given to the institution by entrepreneurs.

Source: Varnam Malaysia

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