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THE education and well-being of athletes in the state remain a top priority under the Penang Athletes Career Education (PACE) programme.

State Youth and Sports Committee chairman Soon Lip Chee said the state wanted a better future for the athletes and hoped people would change their perception of sports as a career.

“For instance, many of the parents are discouraging their children from becoming athletes as they are worried that their children’s studies will be affected.

“In addition, many of them are feeling that sports cannot lift them further, especially after their sports career is over.

“That’s why the state views the misconception among the people seriously and PACE is the driving force for athletes to have a better future,” he said during a virtual interaction session with PACE recipients last night.

The session, which lasted about one-and-a-half hours, was organised by the Penang State Sports Council (PSSC).

Soon pointed out that PACE was specifically set up to provide an educational platform and employment opportunities for athletes.

“For those who plan to continue their aim of becoming a school coach, PACE will be the platform as well.

“We will be guiding them in whatever way we can when they need any assistance,” he added.

Soon also said sports also play an important role to unite all.

Recipients under PACE programme, who took part in the virtual session, were thankful to the state.

PSSC director Harry Chai emphasised that sports could help an individual in overall development and character building as well as unleash his or her potential.

“Sports bring us together and PACE really provides valuable assistance to the athletes,” he said.

Source: Buletin Mutiara